Our Purpose:

  • A forum where Christian sociologists can explore the implications of the Christian faith for the thinking and doing of sociology
  • A place to engage in personal and professional development through concentrated discussion on the integration of the sociological vocation with the Christian calling
  • A unique opportunity for Christian fellowship with individuals who share our disciplinary commitment, which is both stimulating and supportive
  • A network for Christian sociologists, allowing social support, collaboration, and dialogue

From the beginning, we have welcomed anyone who is interested in joining our dialogue.

The 2020 annual conference will be postponed because of Covid-19. Check back later for 2021 conference information.  Click on the meeting information link for registration and other information.

About us

  • The group began in 1976, when Dr. Russell Heddendorf, then Chair of the Department of Sociology at Geneva College, invited sociologists from various Christian colleges to come to Geneva College for a meeting of dialogue and exchange. At that time the group was informally known as STCC (Sociologists Teaching in Christian Colleges).  A few years later the name was changed to ACTS (Association of Christians Teaching Sociology).  In 2015 the name was changed to the Christian Sociological Association in recognition of the variety of places and institutions in which our members work. 
  • Since the start of the organization about 25 to 50 people have met each June, at various colleges.
  • In 1995, we established a Scholarship Fund for Graduate Students which helps defray the cost of attending the annual meeting. This is funded by a free-will offering at our Sunday morning service, and by individual contributions.